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The specific practice on social media channels to promote your brand and your content for increasing brand awareness and generate leads for your existing or start up business is called Social Media Marketing (SMM). The different platforms we can use for social media marketing include,

  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram Promotion
  • Twitter Marketing



So far, Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms around the globe and millions of people following it desperately. Making a strong connection between people isn’t the prime purpose of Facebook, there are many more services that we can use for our businesses.

In terms of new opportunities, Facebook marketing is the biggest digital channel nowadays and offers a variety of different organic tools for real followers as well as we can use paid tools for brands to increase the engagement and quick response by our customers. 

If you want Facebook promotions or enhance your organic reach, you need proper guidelines and knowledge about it otherwise, you will lose all your money as well as existing followers. Let Perth Web Media guide you on how to perform and achieve goals by doing Facebook marketing. 

As we know that Facebook allows businesses whether they’re running well or getting startup, to make strong connections with people to earn quick and decent revenue. Countless businesses are running around the world and they are using a Facebook app for its great services to connect with real people.



For some good reasons, LinkedIn is currently a business hot favorite platform. LinkedIn covers the 575 million users in which 45% of people are in higher management positions in their firms. Many B2B businessmen prefer to show their existence on the social platform and their first choice is LinkedIn which makes more meaningful connections for them.

If B2C companies looking to hire seasoned professionals, LinkedIn is the first choice of them to hire experienced resources. For example, if your business’s target audience is college grads, LinkedIn is the best option for you because 50% of Americans with college degrees frequently use this platform.

So, if you choose Perth Web Media, we offer LinkedIn Advertising services for growing your business rapidly. 

We assist our valued customers for their business which can be of any size and we will achieve our goals by LinkedIn marketing strategies. As I mentioned above, millions of people active on LinkedIn which are considered as professionals and we can target them by their job title and description, functional domains, the interest of industry and much more.  

Our professional team members can assist you to achieve goals perfectly and it doesn’t matter your goal is leads, brand awareness, or even product advertisement.



It is quite easy to understand what is Video Marketing/YouTube Marketing so, it includes product promoted videos, branded channels of business and Google AdWords for videos. We can say that the YouTube channel is your second website which conveys your message through video content and channels’ main page is your homepage so, your brand or product videos are the webpages. 

First-timer usually face the hard challenge of how and when to launch a YouTube Channel and it is quite natural. We also know that some people are a bit camera shy and don’t feel comfortable to explain something in front of the camera.

It’s not a big deal, relax! It is better in a sense of marketing if you don’t appear in your product/brand videos for YouTube. We provide you all services related to your brand awareness via video marketing.

But always keep in mind your purpose of creating the videos must be clear and understandable. Then we come towards what are the pros of YouTube Marketing, 

  • To build up readership your website 
  • To generate a lead
  • To build up brand awareness for your website
  • To get a direct sale

If you are going with short videos, these are easy to shareable on different social media platforms and can support your product get found by the new but real audience by hosting them on YouTube channel.



Instagram is the most valuable social media platform for B2C companies than LinkedIn. You can start Instagram promotions on this app to boost the visibility of your products on your profile if you have an Instagram business account. 

A few months ago, Instagram’s changed its algorithm so, its main drawback is that fewer people will see your post and if you are following lots of bloggers than the posts of 75% bloggers will not appear in your feed. 

You choose one package which is according to your requirements and pay some amount for it so in return one of your posts on Instagram is sponsored. This sponsored Instagram post will show up on other Instagram users’ feed, even if he/she doesn’t follow you.

For specific Instagram Marketing Service, you can change your promotion settings like which gender you are targeting and what age group you want to target. Your account reach depends on the money that you are going to pay for promotion.



So, whatever your objectives, there is no second thought about Twitter, it can be a powerful social media platform to help you achieve your goals. If you have decided to start your promotion through Twitter marketing services, our guide will explain to you how to craft a winning strategy regarding your business and no matter what is your business niche. 

So, if you are already using Twitter as a business account to grow your business and worried about zero progress, Perth Web Media is your best solution! Come and enjoy our amazing services! Some of the key techniques brands use Twitter include:

  • Sharing authentic information and catchy content
  • Driving users’ engagement in advertising activities
  • Interacting with customers
  • Strong bond and networking
  • Branding for businesses 
  • Reputation management


Increased ranking means more traffic and qualified leads.

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