New Features
Do you recall how Facebook was 4 years ago? Did you have an option to add Live videos for example? Or Story? Nope! Previously, you could only upload a picture or video there! But with time, they came up with new features for their users! It’s important for the website to be aesthetically pleasing for the eyes. However, it’s more important to give it the functionality it would users require. So new features are the new functionalities you provide to your users.
Our team is experienced and has knowledge of technological advancement. We can add new features to your website which are not only in line and crucial to your business, but also preferred by your target audience.  

Even if your website is initially designed by someone, we can still add features to it. Sometimes the code written by other developers is not easy to understand. Nonetheless, our team is proficiet and efficient enought tackle with the code in order to provide you with what you want.
All you have to do is contact us, tell about your requirements and it will be done in adequate time and cost.

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Why Is Adding
New Features Important?
User Experience

Users get tired and bored of old features. They would enjoy one functionality for a specific period of time and eventually, lose interest in it. How do you retain your users? By providing them with something new. New features enhance the user experience and retain them for you, and that’s why this is crucial for the success of your company.

Technological Advancement

It is important to keep up with the technological important. If your competitor’s website is offering your potential users a feature that is newer, users would opt for that website. Consider the trend in our social media platforms. When Snapchat came up with the feature of adding stories, Instagram and Facebook also did. This is because their team analyzed that their target audience wants that feature. People would have stopped using Facebook and Instagram if they hadn’t come up with this feature.


Adding new features help you gain better ranking on Google and eventually helps with your SEO. When you add new features, users are retained and your website is used more. Google crawler records the the amount of people visiting your website and eventually ranks your website at the top.