Affordable SEO Perth

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool that ensures that your target audience hears about you when they ask their web browsers for suggestions. This tool increases the quantity and quality of the traffic on your website through organic search results. Due to the online presence of all your competitors, how do you ensure that your potential customers are brought straight to your portal first instead of that of your competitors? The answer is Via SEO! Search engines have crawlers which crawl the websites to find out the most relevant keywords in relation to a search query and rank them at the top.

Our SEO Expert Perth will set aside the opportunity to comprehend your business and objectives as thoroughly as our SEO Expert Perth will research the Most relevant and searched keywords that are well on the way to drive more activity to your site.

Importance of SEO

The more you are present online, the more your potential clients are getting to know about you. Even if they don’t open up your website, seeing your name on google searches or different websites or someone’s social media profiles, you are gaining attention. Your potential audience begin to have a brand perception about you. That adds to the goodwill of your company!
In addition to this, if you have your SEO and done and one of the methods was having other websites talk about you, this would make you as a reliable company in the eyes of your potential customers. Having to hear about you from some other source will let them know that your company has a reliable reputation. If tomorrow they have to make a choice between you and some other company that they have never heard of, they will choose you! This adds to your brand image as well!

Furthermore, let’s assume, you represent Coca Cola company and Pepsi is your direct competitor. Let’s also imagine that Pepsi has done their SEO but you haven’t (forget that both the companies already have a lot of popularity). Now when a user searches for fizzy drinks, pepsi comes at the top in Google’s search results, but Cola Cola doesn’t. This means that the traffic of all your relevant and potential clients will move towards Pepsi! How would that affect your sales and your brand name? Adversely, right?
Another important factor is that SEO compels you to improve the content and design of your website. These are the things that you might not give due importance to. In order to maintain your ranking, you’ll start maintaining your website more as well. This way, your website stays up to date and you have quality content. Potential customers will visit repeatedly and your Conversion Rate would go higher as well.

SEO Essentials

If the Content of the website is kept updated, Google Crawler indexes the page more. Whenever crawler crawls around the web, if the information is new and relevant to the searched topic, it will index it and place the page on the top of the list and other links won’t be placed over the top.

Keywords are the words you use on your website assuming that they shall be searched for when the user is searching for something relatable to your business. When you build up on these keywords, crawlers find a stop in between their crawling and rank your website.

It’s imperative to keep checking Google Analytics to see how your website is performing. If a certain strategy has worked, it should be kept for a long time. It’s also used to conduct analysis about the traffic.

For WordPress, plugins create a mammoth effect on SEO. We have different plugins which help us increase the ranking. There are other hidden files on which we make changes to ensure that the SEO is kept maintained.